SLA Monitoring

Independent and accurate SLA monitoring verifies website performance

When you have a service level agreement (SLA) that dictates specific uptime goals for your website, SLA monitoring from Uptrends will compare your real time monitoring results against your user defined SLA goals. It is easy to setup because it does not require any software installation. Just fill in the URL or IP address and add the SLA objective. You can also use the Uptrends SLA monitoring service to monitor your own SLA objectives.

Simple to read SLA Monitoring reports can be automated or generated ad hoc

When you use Uptrends for SLA monitoring, you will manage your account through our web-based control panel which gives you access to a number of user-defined reports. You can configure your account to email you or any member of your staff a report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis which will show you exactly what your website’s performance has been as a comparison against your SLA goals. Additionally, you can generate reports that will show your site’s speed and uptime over any period of time, up to two years.

You will find that the SLA monitoring reports generated are simple to interpret and require no guesswork or technical training, so any member of your staff –even the non technical members of senior management- will have no issues understanding the data they are being provided.

Start SLA monitoring from Uptrends free of charge

You can now get your own SLA monitoring account with Uptrends at absolutely no cost for the next 4 weeks with our fully featured trial account. In a matter of days, you will quickly see why thousands of companies in 23 different countries rely on site monitoring from Uptrends.