Site Monitoring. External site monitoring from the end-user’s perspective.

Monitor uptime, transactions and site performance.

The Uptrends site monitoring service is able to monitor the uptime of your site as well as monitor transactions such as logins, forms, search engines and shopping baskets. In addition to monitoring the availability of your web site, Uptrends also helps you optimize the performance and page load time of your site. For example, the Uptrends site monitoring service can be used to monitor each individual element of any given web page with our Full Page Check.

Uptrends will monitor your site’s uptime and performance from the end user’s perspective by utilizing our own global monitoring network. Our global site monitoring network consists of checkpoints in major cities in dozens of countries around the world.

In the event that downtime or a slow page load times occur, the Uptrends site monitoring service will send you alerts by SMS and e-mail. As part of our site monitoring service we provide detailed reports which detail error types, uptime and load time over any user defined period of time. Additionally, whenever an error occurs, our site monitoring service takes a snapshot from the end-user’s perspective, while also recording a traceroute to help you pinpoint the cause of the error. Optionally, you can even generate a report which shows you which page elements are causing slow performance of your site.